TWICE Momo Looks Like A Baby With Her Teddy Bear In Her Latest Instagram Update

On November 14, Momo shared new cute photos on Twice’s Instagram profile.

In the pictures, she is holding the teddy bear Dahyun gave to her in Singapore.

She wrote: “ONCEEEE do you know this friend!!?”


“Momo baby”

“Stay warm momo it’s too cold ?”

“Momo selfie Lord”

“Uri dancing machine so pretyyyy?”

“How can you look effortlessly perfect??? no ones doing it like you?”

“Woow beautiful girl”

“The holy forehead”

“If im not mistaken, his name is Bearing ? Dahyun gave it to momo when they went to singapore last time (or momo buy it for herself ? im not remember ?)”

Momo’s Original Post:

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이 친구 아는 원스으으으!!?

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