Sunmi’s 8 Kg Weight Gain – Before/After

1. Before – Sunmi a year ago

2. Now – 8 Kg Weight Gain

original post: theqoo


1. 2 looks much healthier and sexier.

2. But they’re both pretty. Sunmi’s beautiful!

3. 2 She looks healthier and more mature.

4. She looks much better now and the ratio is right, so it’s prettier.

5. They are both wonderful with different feelings.

6. Two is definitely more cool.

7. I think it’s just muscle. Sunmi is cool.

8. 2 looks healthy 1 is worried

9. The power of the dance is so different. Two is so cool.
10. 2 Is better because she seems more powerful while dancing.
11. She doesn’t look too thin. It’s good.
12. It’s not fat. It’s muscle. It’s hard to gain weight in a body like this.

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