MONSTA X’s Shownu Impressive Weight Loss In Just A Few Days

He looks like another person!

original post: pann


(+376,-35) He is still promoting despite what is happening. I would feel very bad if my nude pictures were leaked on the Internet.

(+242,-26) I guess he’s having a hard time, this is all happened in a few days.

(+239,-17) Wow, that’s really bad.

(+105,-86) He looks like a grandfather.

(+70,-7) It must be hard, he is still promoting… The agency is so cruel.

(+68,-12) But no one seems to care about him ㅋㅋ
(+4,-0) I mean, I’m a big fan, but I was so surprised at the stage walk last time. I’m so worried about your mental health.


(+3,-0) Fans must be heartbroken. I hope you can cheer up for the fans who love you and worry about you.

(+1,-0) You look ten years older…

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