Kang Daniel Send His Support Message For The “2020 CSAT” Students

Singer Kang Daniel cheered the students for the “2020 College Scholastic Ability Test.”

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will host his Fanmeeting “Color On Seoul” on November 23 and 24 at the Ilsan KINTEX in Seoul!

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(+126,-0) Good luck everyone!! 20191125 Red Kang Daniel fighting!

(+44,-0) Kang Daniel ❤ Danity will cheer for you ❤

(+31,-0) I’m rooting for all the test takers, Kang Daniel and Danity Fighting!

(+24,-0) Test takers!!I hope you all have a good result!!I hope you’re always full of good things, Kang Daniel too.
(+19,-0) Good luck on your CSAT, Danity ~  Kang Daniel fighting!

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