Drama ‘Vagabond’ Will Not Air This Week Due To Baseball Games

Drama ‘Vagabond’ will not air this week!

According to SBS’s schedule, Vagabond’s episodes of 15 and 16 November are canceled due to the “2019 WBSC Premier 12” baseball games.

original post: naver


(+89,-2) You must be really crazy.

(+51,-0) Samael of Vagabond : SBS.

(+46,-5) I don’t care about baseball…

(+11,-0) Wow, there’s no show every week. That’s too much.

(+9,-1) It’s been a while since I’ve been enjoying the drama, but now that the station is doing this, I don’t want to watch it.

(+9,-1) Who’s interested in baseball these days?

(+7,-1) I’ve been waiting for you all week. The broadcast station are so mean.

(+3,-0) Oh, that’s so annoying.

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