6 Male Idols With Broad Shoulders And Handsome Faces

1- Kang Daniel

2- MONSTA X’s Shownu

3- VIXX’s Leo

4- BTS’Jin

5- EXO’s Sehun

6- GOT7’s JB

original post: theqoo


1. Jaebeom, ㅠㅠㅠ ❤ ️


2. What do you like about this post? Kang Daniel!
3. Oh Sehun’s shoulder is crazy….


4. If they stand in line, they will cross the Han River ㅋ
5. Kang Daniel’s big shoulders are nice.
6. What is this heaven?
7. EXO’s Sehun body is awesome


8.  Seokjin, I want your shoulder ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


9. Sehun is my favorite
10. Kang Daniel…he has wide shoulders and he’s face is cute
11. Broad shoulders are the best


12. Jin, Shownu, Sehun. I love them



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