New Movie ‘Mount Baedu’ Releases Official Posters For Its Actors, Including Bae Suzy

Official Poster For Upcoming Movie ‘Mount Baedu’

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(+12,-1) I’m going to the theater to see Suzy. Ah I look forward to Suzy and Jun Hyejin
(+9,-1) Suzy’s hard working

(+5,-0) Ha Jungwoo, Suzy, Jeon Hyejin, Ma Dong-seok. Line-up is crazy

(+4,-0) I watched the teaser. Suzy’s facial expressions are good. Lee Byunghun, Ha JungWoo, Ma Dong Suk, Jeon HyeJin’s acting is a beautiful one. Baekdu Mountain must be fun

(+3,-0) Suzy you’re working so hard
(+3,-0) Suzy’s pretty and good at acting, so I like it. I heard that the next movie is Mt. Baekdu. With this line-up, I’ll definitely go see it



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