Bae Suzy And Park Bogum Will Be A Couple In New Movie ‘Wonderland’

Suzy and Park Bogum will play a couple in their 20s in the new movie called ‘Wonderland.’

“Wonderland” is expected to draws considerable attention with its super-luxury lineup including Jung Yu-mi, Bae Suzy, Park Bogum, Hwang Sunsik and Tang Wei.

original post: naver


(+79,-4) Are you sure Park Bogum will appear? I’ve only seen the article that says we’re positively reviewing it

(+48,-4) Actors, cheer up! Let’s hit the big screen!

(+47,-9) I can’t wait to see this movie if Park Bo-gum is confirmed

(+27,-2) Park Bogum confirmed?

(+26,-4) Park Bogum, Suzy, you’re done with the visual
(+24,-3) Line-up’s crazy
(+18,-4) Suzy, I’m going to see the movie ~^
(+16,-7) Park Bogum, you can do nothing and just breathe♡ 

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