From Miss A Suzy Maknae To Actress Suzy, Her Growth Is Impressive

From Miss A Suzy to actress Suzy, her growth as a woman and actress is amazing!

original post: naver


(+176,-13) I love Suzy. Go Haeri is crazy

(+126,-6) Actress Suzy, cheer up and hit the jackpot!

(+98,-4) Suzy, do something you want to do for a long time.  I love you. We’re always on your side

(+73,-3) I love you. We’ll always be there for you

(+40,-2) You’ve  a great career. You’re cool
(+33,-2) Suzy continues to improve. It’s so cool. I’m just looking forward to all the upcoming works, too. Fighting
(+17,-1) She works hard and grows well, we love Nation First Love Suzy from Korea ❤
(+14,-5) Bae Suzy’s aura is truly unique. When she appears on the screen, she draws attention.

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