BLACKPINK Rose’s Angelic Beauty Impresses Netizens Today

BLACKPINK Rosé at Gimpo Airport after her schedule in Shanghai, China, on November 10.

original post: naver


(+432,-31) Rosè is pretty

(+221,-14) I hope I will meet you soon with Rose’s solo

(+160,-10) When will Rose’s solo come out?
(+94,-7) Blackpink Rosé looks like an angel

(+93,-7) Chaeyoung ㅜㅠㅠ you are so pretty

(+43,-2) Rosé is not human…. she is an angel
(+37,-4) Wow so pretty
(+32,-0) Rose’s blonde hair + Half-Tie hairstyle is legendary… She is so beautiful  ㅠ
(+32,-2) I’m looking forward to BLACKPINK Rose’s solo

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