Bae Suzy Unveiled Her Own Beauty Tips At Her Recent Event

Suzy unveiled her own beauty tips at a beauty class held at Lotte Hotel on Wednesday.

She said: “I normally use cushion foundation and lipstick when I’m not filming.”

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(+44,-1) She’s a real goddess. I’ve seen a lot of girls, but it’s my first time seeing such a pretty female idol. I wish you could always walk on the flower path and be happy ❤❤

(+25,-1) Suzy, you’re gorgeous. You suit Lancome

(+18,-0) You look gorgeous

(+18,-0) As expected, Lancome’s cosmetics look good with Suzy. So pretty

(+13,-0) Luxurious, elegant, and pretty Suzy. I will support you

(+4,-0) Wow…

(+4,-0) I love you, Suzy

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