Kang Daniel Is A CAT MAN In His Latest Episode Of ‘Colorful Daniel’

[Kang Daniel Travelog] Colorful Daniel Ep.6 is finally here!

You can watch the full episode below:

original post: naver


(+629,-11) Kang Daniel Travelog Colorful Daniel  was so fun ^^ I’m looking forward for the next week ~♡^ㅇ^

(+590,-9) You look just as you are. Kang Daniel is more cool
(+524,-23) Cat man Kang Daniel. I enjoyed your show
(+150,-3) Kang Daniel is so cute ♥️  He is so cute from head to toe ♥️

(+82,-1) Kang Daniel is cute

(+53,-0) I don’t think it’s a cat. Kang Daniel, you’re Samoyed. Sorry

(+28,-0) No daniel… you are samoyniel

(+22,-0) Okay you’re a cat. Love you my samoyed boy

(+22,-0) Kang Daniel Cat Lover! I was scared of cats, but I’m feeling better ㅎ

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