Suzy and Red Velvet’s Irene Disappear From Soju Bottles

In the future you will not see anymore celebrities like Suzy and Red Velvet’s Irene on Suju bottles. Why?

Ministry of Health and Welfare is banning celebrity photos from alcohol bottles to prevent alchool glorification.

source: here and here 


1. [+1025, -65] But I don’t drink soju to see female celebrities

2. [+168, -6] If we ban celebrity photos, we’ll lower the price of soju, right?

3. [+43, -2] Our country is strangely strict with smoking and generous with drinking 
4. [+17, -0] There’s a lot of people who drink every day, and they don’t even take it seriously
5. [+15, -1] Let’s put a picture of a liver cancer in a bottle
6. [+12, -1] You should have done it earlier.Is it normal for the entire country to become a drinking party?

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