BTS Jungkook Was Involved In A Car Accident

It was revealed that Jungkook was driving his Mercedes-Benz in the Hannam-dong street, Yongsan-gu, on November 2 when he ran into a taxi that was passing by.

Jungkook and the taxi driver suffered minor bruises and they were treated at the hospital.

original post: naver


1. [+6297, -3582] Traffic violations? Trash

2. [+3165, -512] I’m scared of people. I’m not a fan, so I just came in and saw the fact that Jungkook had an accident due to violation of traffic laws. Are you sure you don’t feel anything when you see a lot of people dying from bad rumors? That’s creepy

3. [+2609, -421] Is Jungkook a minor these days?

4. [+1587, -293] ⚠️ This comment was deleted by BTS fandom

5. [+798, -71] It’s not a violation, it’s a minor violation that could kill someone. We have to find out the truth, but let’s cover it up for fans
6. [+416, -35] I’m not a BTS fan, but honestly, they’re human, and they can make mistakes
7. [+361, -84] What’s wrong with Jungkook these days?
8. [+439, -206] It’s a simple traffic accident. The reporter’s title is so exciting. It’s pathetic.



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