Knetizens Discuss About Red Velvet Irene Changing Hair Color Through The Years

Pink Ombré Hair

Orange Hair

Purple Hair

Brown Hair

Light Brown Orange Hair

Dark Red Hair

Dark Hair

Black Hair

Blonde Hair

original post: theqoo


1. My favorite is Pink Ombré hair

2. See, black hair suits you best, purple, blondes I don’t like it

3. Purple hair is very pretty

4. I think it’s all about the face

5. Dark hair suits you better than light

6. The red is the prettiest

7. Everything looks good on her except blondes

8. The darker it is, the prettier it is

9. Dark is pretty. Yellow kills all the features

10. Look, red is so great, but everything is so pretty

11. It’s just the importance of the face, right?

12. They’re all pretty, but purple and black are the best


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