Kang Daniel Celebrate 100 Days Since His Solo Debut

Kang Daniel celebrate 100 days since his solo debut. Congratulations!

original post: naver


(+506,-8) Congratulations on your 100thof debut, Kang Daniel! Let’s make good memories with Danity in the future

(+240,-0) The picture of Kang Daniel is so pretty ㅠㅠ Congratulations on your 100th day of debut ❤

(+194,-1) Wow, it’s so fast. It’s already 100 days of solo debut. Congratulations. Let’s make our time with Kang Daniel Danity more beautifu

(+20,-1) Congratulations on your 100th of solo debut, Kang Daniel

(+10,-2) Congratulations on your 100th day of debut, Kang Daniel. Let’s see you for a long time

(+5,-3) Congrats on 100 days since solo debut. Kang Daniel keep walking on flowery path. We look forward to your winter comeback

(+9,-3) Congratulations for your solo debut~♡

(+3,-0) Thank you Kang Daniel for coming to the right path without giving up


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