Park Jihoon Will Make His Comeback On December + Asia Tour

Park Jihoo will comeback this December with a new album and Asia Tour.

Park Jihoo’s new album comes 10 months after “O’CLOCK,” which was released in March.

original post: naver


(+570,-8) I was sad because it’s the last episode of ‘Flower Crew’ next week, but I love that Park Jihoon is working hard

(+467,-4) While watching Park Jihoon’s ‘Flower Crew’, I felt that he was very versatile. He acted well and he is talented

(+400,-3) Thank you very much, Park Jihoon. It’s so nice to meet you as a singer after the end of ‘Flower Crew’. Singer Park Jihoon, actor Park Jihoon, both cheer for you ❤️

(+400,-3) Singer Park Jihoon is coming back ㅠㅠㅠ

(+361,-2) Actor Park Jihoon and singer Park Jihoon. Jihoon, who doesn’t have an awkward modifier. I will be waiting for you ❤️

(+59,-1) I’ve waited for singer Park Jihoon ♡

(+42,-1) Park Jihoon’s comeback, plus an Asian tour!

(+18,-1) Park Jihoon is very talented, and he seems to be a humble actor

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