Netizens React To Mamamoo Winning ‘Queendom’

MAMAMOO Won Queendom! Congratulations ??

original post: theqoo


1. Congratulations! I loved the last song, I was crying. Enjoy the first place, guys. I’m looking forward to the comeback show

2. The live music was so good that I even voted

3. That’s what everyone expected

4. Well done. Congratulations, Mamamoo

5. I knew Mamamoo would do it from the beginning. They have a big fandom and good stages

6. Mamamoo you are a great live performer, you deserved to win

7. Mamamoo’s fandom is so big, they are so talented

8. I’ve been expecting this since the lineup came out

9. Congratulations, Mamamoo. I’m looking forward to your comeback show

10. It was  obvious, but you did a good job

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