MOMOLAND Yeonwoo Will Star In New SBS Drama ‘Alice’

Momoland Yeonwoo will star in the SBS drama “Alice.” She will be the younger sister of actress Kim Hee Sun.

“Alice” is a drama about a man and a woman who are separated forever due to their deaths but magically reunited beyond the limits of time and dimension.

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(+12,-0) Yeonwoo, don’t look at the comments. Let’s just walk down the flower road. As a fan who knows how hard you’ve been working for Momoland, I support Yeonwoo’s future

(+8,-3) Let’s just walk down Da-bin’s flower path

(+3,-0) Don’t forget to make a lot of money and eat as much meat as you want 

(+3,-1) As a fan of Kim Hee Sun and Yeonwoo, it seems like a dream to see Kim Hee Sun and Yeon Woo as older sister and younger sister in a drama

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