BLACKPINK Rosé and GIRLS DAY Hyeri’s Cute Dinner Date Together

Rosé and Hyeri met for a dinner, saying they had missed each other because the weren’t able to meet for two weeks.

hyeri vlog

Unfortunately for the fans, Rosé only appeared with her hair and voice because she was barefaced.

You can see her wearing a mask below.

original post: naver


(+23,-1) Pretty friendship. I’m so happy to see you, I will always cheer for you

(+8,-0) Their chemistry is very nice

(+5,-0) Hyeri is so pretty ㅋㅋ

(+5,-1) BLACKPINK Rosé is pretty

(+3,-1) I’m looking forward to BLACKPINK Rosé’s solo

(+1,-0) You two look good ♡

(+1,-0) I love to see both of you

(+1,-0) Hyeri and Rosé so beautiful. Cheer up for your friendship

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