TXT Vampire Costumes And Make-Up Drives Netizens Crazy!

Hey, guys, I’m type O. Take my blood ㅠㅠ

original post: pann


(+82,-2) Kai’s a half-blood. He’s like a real vampire

(+63,-1) Join Huening Kai’s fandom If you fangirls idols with  unique look

(+63,-1) He was the best at yesterday’s fansign

(+33,-0) Huening Kai’s Selca

(+30,-0) Crazy… he looks like a foreign actor or something. He’s handsome and has a baby face, but once he will grow-up he will be more daebak

(+27,-1) Soobin..ㅜㅜ when a vampire is so cute…ㅜㅜ

(+20,-0) Isn’t this like a vampire?

(+18,-1) Black and white version

(+18,-1) He’s very good looking

(+14,-0) Yeonjun…

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