Singer Taeyeon Expressed Her Feelings About Being #1 With “Spark”

Singer Taeyeon expressed her feelings about being number one with her new song “Spark.”

She said: “As it took quite a while to showcase the album, it’s an album with a lot of thoughts and efforts of its own.”

She added, “I’m first grateful to the staff and to all the fans who always believe and listen to me.

Congratulations for the All Kill!

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(+119,-0) Taeyeon now…You are the best

(+69,-0) I love all the songs!

(+65,-0) Taeyeon, thank you for singing. That’s all I can say

(+60,-0) I really need to listen to all of this album

(+39,-1) Thank you for always singing great songs

(+8,-0) Thank you for giving me a really cool album Taeyeon

(+6,-0) This album is the best

(+5,-0) I think I will listen to it 100 times every day for a while

(+2,-0) I love Taeyeon’s song

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