Knetizens React To Taeyeon ‘Spark’ MV

original post: naver


(+774,-33)Really all the songs seems like a tile song ㅠㅠㅠ Taeyeon thanks for singing. Please listen to Taeyeon’s second album!!!

(+381,-19) This is the best… I listened on my way home after work.. As expected God Taeyeon ~

(+347,-17) After listening to one song, the next song becomes the best. I love the album, Taeyeon. I love you Kim Tang-gu

(+248,-12) I really like Taeyeon’s Spark!

(+62,-3) All the songs in the album are crazy, especially gravity ㅜㅜ

(+40,-1) I loved the pre-released songs for the concert, so I thought how strong will be the title, but… It’s so nice

(+14,-0) Wow, the song is so good.I’m listening to Gravity. It’s creepy ㅠ

(+9,-0) Let’s take the No. 1 position for a long time

(+5,-1) I love the song. Thank you, Taeyeon. Taeyeon’s song comforted me a lot. Thank you for always singing


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