TWICE’s Tzuyu Looks Like A Walking Doll At The Airport

On October 27 Tzuyu was spotted at Incheon Airport on her way to Japan.

original post: naver


(+64,-4) She’s so beautiful. She’s a queen

(+28,-1) Have a safe trip Tzuyu ❤️

(+23,-2) Pretty

(+16,-1) The leather jacket looks good on you

(+9,-0) Is she a doll?
(+4,-0) Tzuyu is so beautiful

(+3,-0) As expected, Tzuyu is really pretty

(+3,-0) TZUYU is so cool

(+3,-0) Wow visual boss… a walking doll

(+2,-0) Tzuyu is the prettiest. She’s the best




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