Kang Daniel Looks Like A Baby While Riding A Cart And Playing Basketball

A new video titled ‘ Kang Daniel Travelogue, Colorful Daniel Ep4 Kuala Lumpur’ was posted today on Youtube.

The new episode features Kang Daniel, who enjoys various things like cart driving and play games in Kuala Lumpur.

You can watch the full episode with English subtitles below

original post: nate


(+369,-1) Kang Daniel, I think I’ve seen you smile the most. Hahaha, I love you

(+203,-1) Kang Daniel is so cute and lovely. I’m looking forward to the next episode too

(+145,-0) Kang Daniel is so cute ❤❤ Colorful Daniel ❤❤ 

(+121,-0) Kang Daniel is full of color. I like it

(+8,-0) Smiling Kang Daniel is the most cute!!

(+3,-0) I’m rooting for Kang Daniel!I always support you like now!♥️

(+3,-0) Lovely Kang Daniel today

(+3,-0) Kang Daniel’s smile is healing

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