Netizens Praise Hyuna’s Beauty Today At The Airport

Hyuna at Gimpo airport on October 23, 2019.

original post: nate


(+524,-43) She’s really pretty because she’s wearing  plain fashion and light makeup

(+20,-0) I think Hyuna’s sexiest time is when she’s not sexy

(+16,-0)  Wow, you look so pretty. Please, just do it like this way

(+10,-0) She looks exactly like Kim Yu-jung

(+10,-1) Today’s styling is so pretty
(+8,-0)  Your dark hair looks good on you, pretty
(+7,-1) Oh, she’s so pretty… Keep going like this. The softer the makeup, the prettier she is

(+6,-1) Oh, you’re so pretty ♥

(+3,-0) Hyuna, cheer up. Always

(+2,-0) The less makeup you wear, the prettier you are

(+2,-1) You look confident in this outfit
(+1,-0) Your legs are so beautiful. I’m a girl, but I envy her

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