Knetizens React To TXT ‘Run Away’ Music Video

original post: theqoo


1. The music video is cute and the song is very good

2. The music video is awesome

3. I really like the music and the dance

4. Ah, the song is so good. I didn’t like their debut song, but this song is really my style

5. Oh, I love the song. The stage is amazing

6. Wow Huening Kai wow

7. I love the chorus. But I wonder what the music video is about

8. Wow, everyone is good at dancing

9. The song it’s my cup of tea

10. I think they’re more handsome than they used to be

11. I like the song and the members look so nice

12. Wow, I really like it. I think the music video is much better than last time

13. I love the song. I’m excited about the beat

14. I love the song, the choreography, the music video and the outfits are really good

15. But it sounds like a song from a BTS  album. It’s because it’s the same agency

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