Kang Daniel Looks Like A Cute Chef In His New Chicken CF

Kang Daniel‘s new CF for Mexicana’s new menù.

original post: naver


(+29,-0) I’ll try the new menu. Good luck, Kang Daniel

(+26,-0) Wow a new menu

(+13,-0)  I’m going to eat some Kang Daniel’s chicken

(+4,-0) Kang Daniel is so cool! I’m looking forward to the new menu, Maxicana

(+2,-0) I’m looking forward for the new menu. I want a Kang Daniel poster

(+1,-0) I want to have a Kang Daniel’s poster. I have to eat Mexicana today

(+1,-0) Kang Daniel ~ Let’s eat Mexicana~

(+1,-0) Kang Daniel is cool and Mexicana’s chicken is delicious

(+1,-0) That’s a great poster, Kang Daniel. I’ll try the new menu ❤

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