Kang Daniel Looks So Cute While Playing With His Cat

Kang Daniel during NAVER ‘Star Road’.

original post: naver


(+1777,-19) Kang Daniel and cat is so healing ㅠㅠㅠㅠ See you next time on Star Road!

(+1196,-8) It was the best healing content between Kang Daniel X Cat and his sweet and lovely appearance

(+1045,-8) I wanted to be a cat and put my hand on Kang Daniel’s hand. I love Kang Daniel healing with a cat

(+997,-8) The combination of the cat and Kang Daniel was the best! 

(+157,-0) It’s so lovely to watch you cherish animals. It’s a video of Kang Daniel’s good and clear heart

(+116,-0) Kang Daniel and the cat look great together. It was a good healing broadcast

(+83,-0) I’m also in love with Kang Daniel’s sweetness

(+60,-0) Too bad it ended so fast. I miss you more, Kang Daniel

(+48,-0) It was the best video I’ve seen recently

(+16,-0) Kang Daniel who adores cats!Danity, who adores Kang Daniel

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