Visual King Kang Daniel Looks Stunning In A Pictorial With HIGHCUT

Kang Daniel’s pictorial with HighCut

original post: naver


(+125,-1) Thank you, Kang Daniel, for trusting and running so hard, I’m sure the hard times will be a good foundation for the future

(+75,-1) I wish the path will be full of flowers. Kang Daniel Fighting

(+63,-0) Thank you so much for coming to see us. I will always be with you and support you

(+53,-0) Kang Daniel, thank you for not giving up and for your courage to keep running. Let’s stay together for a long time

(+4,-0) Lets walk in flowery road only Kang Daniel. We love you!!

(+3,-0) Kang Daniel looks stunning as always

(+3,-0) Daniel, you’ve been working hard for a long time. Let’s be happy for a long time. Kang Daniel x Danity

(+3,-0) So cute ~

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