Kang Daniel Cried During His Manila Fanmeeting

Singer Kang Daniel shed tears when he met with Manila fans.

According to the agency, Kang Daniel showed tears at a surprise event prepared by local fans.

original post: naver


(+133,-24) Kang Daniel, Danity always support you

(+119,-20) I always trust and support Kang Daniel. I hope I can see many great performances, Kang Daniel. Good luck!

(+93,-5) I can’t wait to see you on V LIVE. I’m looking forward to seeing Kang Daniel’s performance at the Busan One Asia Festival on the 25th

(+87,-18) Kang Daniel & Danity. Let’s be together forever ❤ 

(+61,-5) I love Kang Daniel and I always trust and support him ❤❤❤

(+48,-3) Kang Daniel, you are the only I can trust and support. Don’t get sick. I’m always happy. I love you ❤

(+14,-3) We always trust and support you, Kang Daniel

(+1,-1) I will believe and support you forever, Daniel. You have to be happy.I love you

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