Kang Daniel 1st Fanmeeting In Seoul ‘COLOR ON SEOUL’

Kang Daniel will hold his first fanmeeting in Seoul at KINTEX Hall, Ilsan on November 23 and 24.

LIVE means a fanmeeting performance. PLAY refers to various activities such as exhibition, F&B and MD.

original post: naver


(+40, -1) We’re finally going to the long-awaited fan meeting. I’m so looking forward to it

(+25, -0) It was really hard to get to the first solo fan meeting in Korea, but thank you Kang Daniel for coming here.Danity will always be next to you! See you at Daniel’s fan meeting

(+25, -1) Kang Daniel’s color ~ I’m still excited, but I’m more curious and looking forward to it. As expected, Kang Daniel ^^

(+4, -0) I always support Kang Daniel. I’m rooting for Kang Daniel’s wonderful future. 

(+2, -0) I really want to go there. I love you, Kang Daniel ❤

(+1, -0) Thank you for having a fan meeting in Korea, Kang Daniel.I really want to go ^^

(+1, -0) I’m so excited ~~

(+1, -0) I really want to go to Kang Daniel’s fan meeting in Seoul ❤

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