BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Poses Like A Model In Her Latest Instagram Update

Caption: “Just one picture Lisa took”.

jisoo instagram

original post: naver


(+72,-5) You look good in yellow

(+61,-3) BlackPink Jisoo is so pretty

(+47,-3) Kim Jisoo, the face genius

(+41,-3) She’s so beautiful ㅠㅠ As expected Kim Jisoo

(+19,-1) Jisoo is always so pretty and cool. I love you ♥

(+15,-1) Jisoo is the prettiest

(+15,-1) I don’t think she’s just pretty. She’s beautiful

(+11,-0) It is true that BLACKPINK JISOO is the prettiest idol of all

(+10,-1) Jisoo, you look like the sun

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