Knetizens React To TXT Preview Album’Dream Chapter: MAGIC’

Knetizens React To TXT Teaser Album ‘Dream Chapter: MAGIC’ with 8 songs, including ‘Run Away’ the title track.

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(+62,-0) Fighting TXT. I like the teaser video

(+50,-0) I think all the songs are good! I hope this album will be a hit! I’m rooting for Tomorrow Together!!

(+41,-0) TXT I’ve only listened to the highlights of these songs, but it feels great. Better than expected

(+32,-0) I love every single song. Since you’ve worked hard, I’m sure you will show us more than that. I don’t have doubt. Tomorrow Together fighting✨

(+20,-0) I loved it
(+10,-0) It’s amazing to listen to the preview! TXT’s comeback it’s great!!!!

(+10,-0) It feels so tight, like a whole story. That’s why I’m so excited.I am surprised again by the planning ability of Big Hit. Awesome!

Songs are good. Hurry up and release the album ~~ ✨✨✨

(+4,-0) Let’s cheer for TXT!

(+2,-0) I’m so proud of you TXT

(+1,-0) If you haven’t seen the preview, please watch it. It’s very good ㅜㅜ

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