Knetizens React To BLACKPINK ‘Kill This Love’ Japan Version Live At Music Station


original post: theqoo


1. Wow you are very beautiful

2. You’re good at live. The camera works is too bad

3. By the way, why do you always cut off your songs in Japanese music? Are you running out of time? It’s weird that it ended all of a sudden…

4. You’re always good at live. You’re awesome

5.  The choreography is so exciting

6. Oh, you’re good at live. Japanese greeting is cute

7. Rosé is so pretty these days

8. Jisoo looks sick

9. Lisa’s legs are so f*cking long

10. Rosé, you’re a good singer

11. It looks so empty without the dancers at the end

12. You’re really good at live. Jennie is always pretty


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