Kang Daniel Is The #1 Star You Want To Drink Wine Together on ‘Wine Day’

Singer Kang Daniel topped the list of stars who want to drink a glass of wine together in the “Way Day”.

original post: naver


(+1386,-92) You can really think of Kang Daniel and wine, both are sophisticated and luxurious

(+1386,-92) Kang Daniel and wine’s atmosphere is so nice. Congratulations on winning the 1st place!

(+812,-18) Fall guy Kang Daniel suits wine very well. Congratulations on being number one

(+716,-17) As expected, congratulations Kang Daniel for your 1st place ♡♡ ♡

(+666,-15) Congrats for the first place Kang Daniel

(+34,-1) No matter what you ask, Kang Daniel always tops the list

(+12,-0) I love to imagine drinking wine with Kang Daniel on a cool autumn day ♡♡

(+10,-0) I’d like to have some wine with Kang Daniel

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