BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Officially The New Mentor Of Chinese Program ‘Idol Producer’!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa will be a mentor for chinese program ‘Idol Producer’.

original post: naver


(+128,-9) Wow this is crazy. Good luck Lisa ㅠ❤️

(+69,-3) Wow you’re a mentor Lisa. When are you going to be in the show? We’re making a comeback in November, right?



(+64,-2) Cute, pretty, charismatic Lisa. I always support you

(+56,-2) Wow, that’s great, Lisa

(+28,-2) Wow! She is first in Weibo trending

(+28,-2) Oh, Lisa’s talent is finally shining. Lisa figthing!

(+22,-1) Lisa’s gonna be great. I don’t know Chinese, but I will look for her

(+17,-2) Lisa’s the best

(+13,-2) Lisa fighting!

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