Welcome To The DANITY Tour: Must Visit Places For Kang Daniel Real Fans

Are you ready to visit the places where Kang Daniel has been?

If the answer is yes, good, there is a tour made just for you!

The tour, launched by The Seoul Tourism Organization, includes for spot in total:

1. The Piano
A homemade dessert café by Bukhansan Mountain. It was the filming location of Kang Daniel’s advertisement for Bokuk Electronics in 2018.


2. LH2
A brunch spot for after a walk in Yeontral Park. This was the location of the meeting between Kang Daniel and his fan, actress Ra Mi-ran, on the entertainment program “Weekend Playlist.


3. Mabong Lamb Skewers Yongsan Branch
Enjoyed by Kang Daniel. A place completely decorated in Kang Daniel posters and stickers for an atmosphere similar to that of a fan meeting. He once visited there.


4. Picky Papa Daniel Forest
A place of relaxation for DANITY. Fans made a small forest within Seoul called “Daniel Forest” where fans can sit around, share stories, and rest whenever they miss Kang Daniel or want to cheer him on.


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