Kang Daniel Revealed Daniel & Danity’s Official Logo

Kang Daniel revealed Daniel & Danity’s official logo!

original post: naver


(+2795,-11) Kang Daniel and Danity. I’m so excited to have a good logo. From now on, we’ll go even higher together.

(+1838,-41) What’s brand it’s for Kang Daniel logo? It looks stylish. So cool~

(+1602,-17) Kang Daniel Danity’s name is so cool that makes the official logo also look cool.

(+1528,-14) The Daniel logo is so nice. It’s so meaningful.

(+201,-0) I love the logo of Danity. I will always support you, Kang Daniel.

(+164,-0) Kang Daniel’s  logo is really pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

(+149,-0) Daniel’s official logo it’s so cool. Let’s be together forever with Kang Daniel.

(+84,-0) DANIEL and DANITY are great.

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