Kang Daniel’s International Fans Will Celebrate Hangul Day With The ‘Danity Event’

How will Kang Daniel fans will celebrate Hangul day?

Recently, Kang Daniel’s fans have announced an event on SNS named ‘Danity Challenge!’ for October 9th at 12:10PM.

Fans will write the lyrics of a song from Kang Daniel’s debut album “Color on Me” and post the results on their SNS.

original post: naver


(+655,-1) Wow, Kang Daniel overseas fans are so cool. I also want to see it by Daniel

(+655,-1) What a pretty heart for overseas fans! We are also looking forward to seeing Kang Daniel’s surprise event on Hangeul Day

(+299,-0) I’m impressed by the overseas fans. I wonder if Kang Daniel applied for the event to celebrate Hangul Day ❤

(+249,-0) It’s so warm by Danity overseas. Good artist, good fan, Kang Daniel, join us on the meaningful Hangul Day

(+234,-0) I’m proud of  Danity overseas. I’m looking forward for the Hangul Day with Kang Daniel and Danity

(+34,-1) Thank you @KDANIEL_SUPPORT , lets celebrate Hangul day together with Kang Daniel 

(+29,-0) Danity let’s be happy

(+17,-0) Kang Daniel and Danity are cool!

(+9,-0) Danity, I’m so proud of you 

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