Kang Daniel Ranked #1 On Idol Chart for 80 Consecutive Weeks

Kang Daniel topped the IdolChart for 80 consecutive weeks, with 103.879 votes and 13.202 like.

original post: naver


(+3140,-115) Kang Daniel ranked 1st place for 80 consecutive weeks! That’s great. Congratulations, Daniel!

(+2327,-58) Kang Daniel ranked first for 80 weeks in a row. Congratulations on your highest score.

(+2028,-50) Congratulations on being number one for the 80th consecutive week, and now let’s just walk along the flower road. I always support and love you.

(+283,-3) Kang Daniel~ I’m always rooting for you.

(+283,-3) Kang Daniel congratulations for being number one for 80 weeks in a row. Let’s make a lot of happy memories with Danity.

(+176,-3) It’s amazing to be number one on the Idol Chart  for 80 weeks. Congratulations, Kang Daniel.

(+115,-3) 80 weeks in a row! Congratulations, Kang Daniel.

(+80,-3) Kang Daniel congratulations on winning Idol Chart for 80 consecutive weeks! Cheering for you always.

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