Here Is How OH MY GIRL Mimi Looks Without Bangs

She wore bangs since her debuts

No bangs Mimi

original post: theqoo


1.Wow, that’s so much better

2. Wow, she looks like a doll. Her forehead and face looks pretty. Why did you cover it up?

3. Wow, she’s really sweet and cool ㅠㅠㅠㅠ  So pretty

4. Oh, my God, her forehead, eyebrows and eyes are so pretty

5. She’s 100 times prettier

6. She’s so much beautiful without 

7. Her forehead is so pretty. She looks so cool and her face looks smaller

8. She looks better without bangs

9. Wow, she really looks different

10. She’s so much beautiful. I’m frustrated with all her previous styling. Her forehead’s so pretty. Why?


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