TWICE Chaeyoung TATTOOS Collection

Everytime she makes an official appearance, Chaeyoung’s is spotted with a new tattoo.

Here is a collection of her amazing tattoos:

Lip tattoo on the left wrist
Heart tattoo under the right ear
Strawberry tattoo on the left forearm
Four carrots on the left wrist
Flowers tattoos on the left hand
Fish tattoo on the elbow

original post: theqoo


1. Can idol singers get tattoos?

2. What’s wrong with you?

3. What if it’s not an addiction?

4. Leave Chaeyoung alone

5. I heard that there are some people who don’t like Chaeyoung because of her tattoos

6. If she wants to get a tattoo, let her do it. It’s not too much, they are pretty good

7. They’re all cute and pretty

8. It’s cute when you look at it one by one, but it’s not pretty when you put them together; it looks messy

9. I can’t believe you’re making such a fuss, they are just tattoos

10. Mind your own body guys

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