BLACKPINK’s Stunning Outfit At Gayo Daejun… Which One Is The Best?




original post: theqoo


1. They’re so pretty  and so nice. They’re so good at matching accessories

2. I like 2016… Rose’s pretty

3. 2018, Jenny and Rosée are pretty

4. Wow, they areso pretty and harmonious. I prefer 2017, but they’re all pretty and their clothes look luxurious
5. BLACKPINK is so pretty they are good at digesting outfits
6.  2018’s outfits for me
7. 2017, I think all four of them are harmonious and beautiful
8. I like 2018’s outfits  but they’re all pretty ㅠㅠㅠ BLACKPINK’s coordi is always legendary!!
9. They are all beautiful
10. 2016’s outfits are pretty, 2018 are not good

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