This Is The Cute Reason Why Bae Suzy Suddendly Tied Her Hair At The Airport

Suzy gets out of her car with her long straight hair.

But when she crossed the crosswalk, she had a short photo session with reporters.

And her ponytail appears.

For some reasons.

As soon as she gets out of the car, she suddenly turns her back to reporters.

She starts to tie hair.

Yes. Dior on the back of the dress.

A photo of the Dior logo will be taken while the hair is tied up.

Suzy is leaving for Paris Fashion Week as Dior Muse.

Inside the airport,
Maybe because there are no reporters, she let her hair straight

Suzy is pure and cute.

Suzy’s Instagram Update

She’s so pretty and cute…

original post: theqoo


1. Cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. She tied her hair well

3. She looks like Kim Sarang

4.  I love her outfit today

5. Suzy is so pretty ♡

6. She has a very nice skin

7. If I were an advertiser, I would have a standing ovation in the office

8. I love you, Suzy

9. It’s a good idea to promote it

10. She is really a celebrity ㅠㅠ

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