BTS’ Vacation Officially Ended Today

On September 16, Big Hit Entertainment announced that BTS vacation is over

The group was spotted at Incheon Airport for overseas schedule

original post: naver


(+85,-7) The vacation is over. I hope everyone has had a good rest! Have a nice trip BTS

(+28,-9) BTS Jungkook, I love you. Have a good day

(+20,-3) The vacation is over. BTS, fighting! I love BTS Suga’s hair

(+9,-0) I hope your vacation was a good memory. Have a good trip!BTS is awesome. It’s the best

(+7,-0) Seokjin, I miss you so much.I love you. Don’t get sick ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

(+7,-2)BTS’ vacation is over. Thank you for making me happy!!!!! I’m so happy to see you, Jungkook

(+3,-0) It’s been less than a month since the vacation ended


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