TWICE Tzuyu Stuns Everybody With Her Fairy Beauty At The Airport

Tzuyu at Incheon Airport today, leaving for Kaoshiung, Taiwan, for Chuseok holidays

original post:  nate


(+36,-4) All Twice members have thick makeup, but different color from neck

(+22,-6) Tzuyu is still young and her schedule is so severe that she just lost her beauty

(+15,-10) I watched TWICE live in Sangam. Tzuyu is the overwhelming one. She has a long neck and long legs, and the whole length makes her look like a Bambi human. Her eyes are so big and shiny

(+9,-11) I actually saw her at the airport. She was a goddess. Not only Tzuyu, but all the celebrities in the world are pretty. This is just a capture photo

(+9,-5) Tzuyu, since your debut, you’ve been taking these bad words because you’re so nice. You’ve always been at the airport without covering your face or makeup. You’ve been smiling at your fans. You’ve been getting all kinds of malicious comments. You guys are so sad.

(+5,-5) Let’s not care about other people’s looks, let’s just change our looks

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