Kpop Girls Legendary GIFs

Kpop Girls Legendary GIFs

Sohee (Dumpling)

Suzy (Flower Girl)

Hyeri (Aegyo)

Hani (Up & Down Fancam)

Chaeyeon (Ending Fairy)

Irene (Havana)

Seolhyun (Kloud CF)

Seungyeon (Pigtails)

Yoona (Mic doesn’t coming out)

Taeyeon (Screen Saver)

Tzuyu (Archery Hairflip)

original post:  theqoo


1. Irene’s Havana!!!

2. Wow I’m looking at Yoona’s gif and her hand gesture is pretty

3. Sohee is so cute

4. Seolhyun is amazing

5. Yoona’s so elegan. She is wonderful to look at

6. Tzuyu’s hair is crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. They are all so pretty

8. Taeyeon, I’ve been using that screen saver for almost two years

9.  Seungyeon is cute and beautiful like a fairy

10. I was thinking about Sana’s cheese kimbab ㅠㅠ 

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